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Guitar Pro 6

Latest tabs
Bowie, David - Rebel Rebel06/10/2016
Pink Floyd - Lucifer Sam06/10/2016
Killing Joke - Fire Dances06/10/2016
Killing Joke - Eighties06/10/2016
Kinks - Tired of Waiting06/10/2016
Public Image Limited - Attack06/10/2016
Public Image Limited - Public Image06/10/2016
Clash (The) - Gates of the west06/10/2016
Damned, the - Smash it Up06/10/2016
Sound City - From Can to Can't21/02/2015

Most downloaded
ACDC - Back in Black145
Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven (4)100
Attaignant, Pierre - Tourdion (Quand Je Bois Du Vin Clairet)70
M - Machistador64
B.B. King - Darling You Know I Love You61
Skillet - Hero61
System Of A Down - Roulette55
Eagles - Hotel California54
Sting - Fragile47
Metallica - Suicide & Redemption44


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