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About gptabs


1 - Site rules
1.1   What is a member can do more ?
Upon registration, a member can upload Guitar Pro files, leave comments and give a note to the tabs. A private messaging is also available to all members to contact other musicians.

1.2   Where do the tabs come from ?
The tabs are uploaded by members from These tabs can be downloaded free, after reading the disclamer.

1.3   What is a ban ?
The administrator can ban members without notice for the following reasons (The following list is not exhaustive) :
- Vulgar language in comments
- Call for violence
- Obscene images in avatar
- Vindicating racism and racial hatred
- Vindicating pedophilia, prostitution or rape
- Using multiple usernames
- Uploading protected tabs
- Encouraging or discussing about pirated softwares

1.4   Google AdSense
The ads featured on the website come from Google AdSense. They are present to participate to the server rental.

2 - Comments and votes
2.1   General
A system of comments and votes has been set up to allow members to give their opinion about an uploaded tab, and give a first judgment about this tab. Comments can also be used to answer more informations about tabs. Some rules have to be added for comments : No capitals letters, no spamming, and basic rules in part 1.

2.2   I can't find a comment I sent last day, why ?
Your comment has probably been deleted because of its content that didn't respect the rules.

2.3   Notify a moderator
You can notify a moderator when you see a comment that does not respect the rules. To do this, you must click on the red button on the top left of the comment and a moderator will delete this comment if it's really necessary.

3 - Downloading tabs
3.1   Find a tab
On the left menu, you can use a search system to search tabs easily. You can use direcly the song search, using the search box named "Tabs". You can also use the different search box to find artists or styles of music. Then, you just have to follow the instructions to download a tab.

3.2   I found an artist but there is no tab
Occasionally, a member create a record for an artist but he doesn't upload tab about this artist. So, you can upload your own tab about this artist or wait someone upload tab.

3.3   I found a tab, but a 404 error page appears
Repeat the same operation. If it doesn't work, contact the administrator who will correct this error.

3.4   Guitar Pro software doesn't open the file
You may be in possession of an older Guitar Pro version that does not support the tab. To correct this problem, please visit the site and buy a newer version.

4 - Uploading tabs
4.1   I didn't find a tab. How can I add it ?
To add a new tab, you have to register. After registration, go to a tab list of an artist. At the bottom of this list, there is a link that drive you on a add form.

4.2   I didn't find an artist. How can I add it ?
To add a new artist, you have to register too. To add an artist, search him. If he isn't exit, you'll find a link at the bottom of the search page. Then an add form appears.

5 - Tab validation
5.1   General
Each uploaded tab by a member is directly accessible to users. Nevertheless, a mod will control these new tabs. Before validation, an information message appear on the tab page, or the artist page.

5.2   My artist or my tab is still not confirmed after 7 days
Perhaps, some tabs and/or artists have been adde to the website, giving some word to the mods. Anyway, your tabs and/or artists will be validated. Artists and tabs are validated in chronological order. So the older tabs and artists will be checked first.

5.3   My artist / my tab has been deleted !
If an artist / a tab has been deleted from the database, is that it didn't fit the rules. If a suppression seems unreasonable, you can contact the administrator who will be happy to debate the reasons for the deletion of your artist / tablature.

6 - Disclamer
The purpose of this website is to share music resources. So, here, musicians can improve their skills. Thus, the contents of this website should be used for private study or research. Therefore, objective of this website is to allow members to arrange songs and distribute them to other user of the Guitar Pro software. Consequently, these tabs are personal interpretations of users, and are not intended to infringe copyright.
If you ever notice a violation of copyright with one or more Guitar Pro files from this website, Please contact us and those files will be deleted

7 - Contact us
7.1   As a member
You can directly send a message to the administrator with the private message system, clicking here : psyclon_nine. You can also go to the contact.

7.2   As a user
If you're not a member, you can contact the administrator sending a message with the contact page, clicking HERE.

7.3   Facebook & Twitter
Whoever you are, you can join the team on facebook and twitter.

8 - Other information
8.1   Server is hosted by OVH. The Linux server (Debian 5) used is based in France.

8.2   Development
This website is developed in PHP/MySQL, which generates XHTML/CSS pages. Some Javascript code are also executed, so you must activate Javascript on you favorite brownser. (Without Javascript the site works perfectly, but is less optimized). was coded with Notepad++ (free software) on a Dell 1737, with the operating system Windows XP and thanks to a virtual server (WAMP5).

8.3   Author
Stéphane Haimet is a PHP and Flex webdeveloper and he is bachelor in computeur managment since 2009. He studied at IEPSCF Mouscron and Paris XIII University (Villetaneuse campus).


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