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100 new tabs


Today, 100 new tabs are available in

Before December, 1.000 new tabs will be uploaded.

By psyclon_nine, on 2010/10/28

Images on news


Today, we just go over the 650 downloads.

In addition to this, news will gradually appear on this site. A small example: adding images in the news, to make them a little more welcoming.
Other news will come soon, and you will be immediately informed through this news system, facebook or twitter.

Nice scratches !

By psyclon_nine, on 2010/09/09

English version available
After hollidays, work !
Welcome to a new version of, in french and in english.

GuitarPro file sharing in several languages, it is better!

By psyclon_nine, on 2010/09/02

English version
An English version of is being developed. It will target the most possible person in the world, and perhaps bring some artists.

Until this version, we are counting on you to promote

At your guitars!
By psyclon_nine, on 2010/04/12

4, 3, 2, 1, Welcome
Good evening and welcome to In April 2010 the first new site for sharing guitar tablature Pro opens the door for your pleasure.

Hopefully, your satisfaction is fitting, I wish you a pleasant surfing!

At your guitars!
By psyclon_nine, on 2010/03/31



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